About Me

Sharif Rahman

Welcome to the lens of Sharif Rahman, your dedicated portrait photographer. With over a decade of experience, I specialize in capturing life's most precious moments. From the tender connections of family portraits to the youthful vibrancy of children's and seniors' photos, I bring out the best in every subject. My expertise extends to commemorating the significant milestones in your life, be it graduation, engagement, or the magical day of your wedding. My approach is discreet, yet imaginative, ensuring you and your loved ones shine in every shot. Understanding your unique style is my priority, and I’m committed to personalizing each session to reflect your preferences. Let's connect before your special day to ensure a seamless and memorable photography experience. I also offer exclusive photoshoots before or after your wedding, to add even more cherished memories to your collection. With Sharif Rahman behind the camera, every click is a step towards immortalizing your special moments

About My Work

The Photoshoots

Want the perfect image for your invitations, or more time to perfect your wedding day poses? I’m available to shoot you and your husband or wife to be in a private photo shoot designed to bring the romance of your relationship to life. Get in touch and tell me about the kind of photos you’d like to have for your wedding. We can then work together to create unforgettable moments for your invitations or thank you cards. 

Available Packages:
1. Mini Package (50 images)
2. Medium Package (100 of images)
3. Maxi Package (150 of images)

For more details, please contact me.